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Privacidad en la declaracíon de cookies


Powerhouse está convencido de que la protección de la privacidad de sus (antiguos) clientes, clientes potenciales y visitantes de los sitios web es esencial para sus actividades. Por lo tanto, los datos personales de clientes y visitantes se manejan y protegen con el máximo cuidado. Powerhouse se adhiere al Reglamento General de Protección de Datos (GDPR) que entró en vigencia el 25 de mayo de 2018. Lea la declaración de cookies en inglés a continuación.



1. Processing responsible

Powerhouse B.V. is part of the innogy Retail Netherlands group. Click here to see the entities that are part of this group.

Via the services and/or products of these entities (hereafter: “We” or Our”) privacy sensitive data (hereafter: “Personal data” or “Data”) is being processed. Under processing all usage of your personal data is included. For example the storing, modifying, forwarding, or (partially) deleting this data.


Powerhouse B.V., located at Haaksbergweg 70, 1101BZ  Amsterdam is the processing responsible for personal data processing within the innogy Retail Netherlands Group.

Per entity there can be additional/different terms in the privacy statements. This is related to specific services and/or products of this entity, such as Service Partners. If you are a customer of one of these entities we recommend you to read their privacy statement.


We process your personal data for example because you are using one of our services or because you want to receive our newsletter. For an overview of our websites click here.

2. When do we record your personal data?

When you have contact with us via phone, our website, or other sales channels, we record your personal data. This can be for the purpose of a request, questions about or making a contract for a product and/or service, or for our newsletter.

3. Types of personal data

Which of your personal data we process, depends on the objective for processing the data and your legal structure:


If you (only) signed up for our newsletter:
• Your e-mail address


If your company has a legal structure with a legal person:
• Name, function, contact information such as telephone number and e-mail address.


If you company has a legal structure without a legal person:
• Name, address, postal code and location
• Contact information such as mobile number and email address
• Contract information such as duration of contract
• Measure data, technical information of your connections, and other information of your network company
• Information for the purpose of credit checks
• Payment information such as invoice address, bank number, and possibly credit card information
• Financial year figures for the purpose of credit checks

4. How do we receive your personal information

We ask for your information the moment that you want to enter into a contractual agreement with us, when you’re requesting information or when you subscribe for our newsletter.

5. What we use your personal data for

Processing of your personal data is in accordance with legislation.


We can, with your consent (only applicable to our newsletter) collect personal information for the following purposes:

• Accepting and providing an offer to an existing or potential customer by us.
• Executing the contract signed with you. Processing of personal data is needed for invoicing, collection, and communication.
• Credit- and debit related checks, such as credit checks and audits.
• Calculating and collecting owed amounts on the basis of power and gas usage and amounts collected via the invoice for third parties
• For the development of products and services and market research.
• To comply with applicable legislation
• To inform you about (new) products and services
• When you contact us, to help you with your request or question. This can be by phone or email.
• Handling complaints, questions and disputes.
• To analyse, maintain, secure, and optimize our website and related functionality.
• To send you our newsletter (if you have indicated that you want to receive it).
We don’t use your information for other purposes than the ones described above. If there would be other reasons for using your personal data, we will ask you for your consent first.

6. Legal basis for the processing of your personal data

We process data because this is necessary for the execution of the contract, or providing an offer for a contract. For example because data processing is necessary to provide our products and service. Additionally we can process personal data, if this is required because of legal obligations. It is also possible that we process data, because we have a justifiable business interest such as bringing new products and services to your attention. Personal data can also be processed on the basis of your consent, for example with regards to our newsletter or a request for information.

7. E-mail

We can use your email for:
– Infomails: Sending you necessary information about your products and services.
– Newsletter: For news and information about a range of topics
– Follow up on information request

You can opt out of our newsletter by using the unsubscribe link in the newsletter sent to you. Additionally, your personal data for the purposes of an information request will be automatically deleted after one month from our website database.

8. Social media

We like to engage our customers, users of our services and apps, visitors to our website about our organization, products and services via our (own) social media channels. The purpose is to provide useful and relevant information and/or respond to questions asked via social media. We activey follow the internet and social media channels, such as Twitter and Youtube. We explicitly reserve the right to not respond to each question or remark. No rights can be derived from whether or not a response was given.

It is possible that during participation to feeds or responding the questions or reacting to comments, we record personal data. This personal data will of course we processed in accordance with this privacy statement. We are not responsible for the content that other users of social media post or how they handle personal data. Of you have questions or comments, please contact us by sending an email to

9. Apps

We offer part of our services via our app. De app is coupled to the Powerhouse Energy Platform, no personal data is stored via our app.

10. Sharing personal data

Your personal data van be exchanged and combined within our group. (See also section 1. Processing responsible, 5. What we use your personal data for).


For processing your personal data we possibly make use of third parties who receive your data. If necessary we make agreements with these third parties to process your data in accordance with our instructions and security standards. These agreements we document in a so called processing agreement.


Some of these third parties are possibly located outside of the EU. If this is the case, we ensure that additional contractual  terms are made, to ensure a suitable level of security.

11. Cookies

Powerhouse can use cookies to offer services on this website. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your hard drive. These cookies cannot record your personal data, but enable a more user friendly website and enable Powerhouse to provide you with a better service and information about our products and services. You can change your privacy settings at any time via your browser settings to disable cookies and prevent them from being placed on the hard drive of your device. It is possible however that some functions or services of our website don’t function properly without cookies. Cookies cannot damage your device or files.


Information on how to disable cookies or delete them per browser you’ll find on:
• Internet Explorer 9, 10 en 11
• Edge
• Firefox
• Chrome
• Safari

12. Profiling

We are not currently using profiling. Profiling means the collection, analysis and combination of (personal) data with the objective of categorizing you into certain (interest) categories.

Should this change in the future then we change our privacy statement accordingly.

13. Retention

We use your personal information as long as this is necessary for the purposes stated in this privacy statement or to comply with legal (retention) obligations.

14. Security

We do our utmost to secure personal information as well as possible. We will take fitting organisatory and technical measures to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data or is able to modify, publish, or delete personal data. If we work with third parties that process your personal data, we will ensure they are obligated to comply with our instructions and (security) standards while handling your personal data.

15. Obligation to report data breaches

From 1 January 2016 there is legislation in effect to report data breaches. A data breach, in short, is a breach of security related to personal data. Because we process personal data, we have established a protocol on how to handle possible data breaches. We carefully assess whether a data breach should be reported to the authorities and/or to people involved (the natural persons who the personal data relates to)

16. Your rights

You have the right to request us to access your personal data, correct them, delete them or to let us know that you want to use the right to limit the transfer or processing of your personal data. You can also appeal against the processing of your personal data. These rights you can use by contacting your account manager or by sending an email to:

We will respond within 4 weeks to your request. In the case of questions or complaints you have the right to contact the relevant authorities.

17. Does data transfer take place outside the EU/EEG?

We possibly have some services executed by companies who have a location outside of the EU. (e.g. IT-services). In that case transfer to a third country takes place. For this situation the legal obligations with regards to data security rulings are used as a base to make contractual agreements with the third party. This includes standard contracts of the EU.

18. Code of conduct smart meters

To adequately provide our services, we use measure data from measure devices which can be accessed remotely (smart meters). Suppliers and the measurement companies under their responsibility have established a code of conduct in the Dutch energy branche about the usage, recording, exchange, and storage of data from smart meters.

19. Other websites

On our website(s) you will find links to other websites. We are not responsible for the manner that these sites process personal data. For this purpose, read the privacy statement of the site you are visiting.

20. Changes

We can one-sidedly change this privacy- and cookie statement. We recommend you to regularly read this privacy statement. That way, you will keep informed about possible changes.

This privacy- and cookiestatement has last been changed on 31 october 2019 and in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that has come into effect on 25 May 2018.


Do you have any questions after reading this privacy- and cookie statement about the protection of your personal data? Then you can contact our officer for data protection.



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