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Renewable energy production

Improve the Return on Energy of your renewable production

Accurate forecasting and automated daily bidding

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Wind and solar energy

Solar panels and windmills are for companies one of the solutions for pro-active participation in the energy transition. For the best results your 'assets' are connected to the Powerhouse Energy Platform. Powerhouse will forecast with its algoritm the production and takes care of the daily bidding at TenneT. Quickly, accurate and simple.

Select jour green energy services

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  • Energy + services
  • Energy expert services
  • Market access services
commodity services
  • Electricity flex

    The electricity contract designed to optimize your Return on Energy. Combining the forward market, the day-ahead, intraday market and imbalance market with your production and/or consumption to create a perfect match

Energy + services
  • Connection point management

    Managing all your connection points has never been so easy. With the online connection point management service you can easily add or remove connection points in your energy contract. No more requests by phone or email. Easy and fast

  • Live pricing

    Negotiate directly with the traders on the energy trading platform. No more waiting for trading windows but influence your price and purchase and/or sell directly to the market

  • Customer self-service portal

    Get access to the Powerhouse Energy Platform and control 24/7 all your energy online

  • Energy price information

    Get continuously access to the latest energy prices to make the best decisions to optimize your Return on Energy

  • Dispatching

    Connect your assets (CHP, solar, wind) to the energy market. Based on forecasting and realtime price information the automated the dispatching helps to create the highest Return on Energy. Simple, effective and automatically

  • Easy Flex Autobid

    Improve your Return on Energy with automated consumption and production forecasting algorithms. Activate the autobid tool and start optimizing your results

  • Easy flex market selector

    Profit from the differences between the day-ahead and imbalance market. The automated optimization tool for your daily bidding schedule driven by accurate price forecasting

  • Emergency Power (R3) - Noodvermogen

    Profit from the 'Generation Flexiblity' in your company and help TenneT to restore the balance with your flex capacity by becomming a member of the Flex pool

  • Energy management dashboard

    24/7 access to all your energy data and have the latest insights for full control over your energy strategy. Easy to improve the Return on Energy

  • Energy price forecasting

    One step ahead of the market. Sign up for the energy price forecasting and get continiously our latest price forecast information and anticipate the market developments to improve your Return on Energy

  • Energy market news

    Recieve daily the latest news on energy topics and price developments to be able to make the best decisions for your energy strategy

  • Online click & buy

    Quick and easy to make electricity and natural gas transactions. Via a secure online tool your can execute your energy transactions, so you never need to pick up the phone or send a fax. Easy to be in control.

  • Price alerts

    Stay on top of the energy prices. Price alerts warn you about rising or falling prices to protect and help you to stay within your energy budget

Energy expert services
  • Energy contract

    Match your energy needs with the best energy contract. Ask our energy experts to support you in making the best decision. The first step toward a high Return on Energy

  • Energy management

    Improve the Return on Energy by requesting support from our energy experts. They are ready to help you to prepare for your future energy strategy and connect you with the energy transition

  • Energy procurement

    Let us support you when to buy and sell on the best possible moment energy. Together with our energy experts you make a balanced calculation how and when to execute your energy procurement strategy

Market access services
  • Intra-day

    Optimize your bidding schedule during the day and profit by anticipating fluctiations in energy prices and your consumption and/or production

  • Epex '60 (APX)

    Take advantage of the day-ahead market by incorporating the Epex '60 (APX) into your energy strategy

  • Ice Endex

    Aks for the ICE Endex reference price when you are looking for transparency and to stay in line with your peers with the procurement of energy

  • OTC electricity

    Profit from the best prices of the Over-The-Counter electricity market. Make your own bilateral agreement and secure your electricity for the best possible price

  • OTC natural gas

    Benefit from the best prices in the Over-The-Counter natural gas market. Make your bilateral agreement and secure your gas for the best possible price


    Access this transparent and traceble natural gas market for the best prices


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