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Digital platform solutions

Become a digital company

inni™ is the digital backbone for utilities.

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Utility companies

inni™ is a 100% digital and cloud contract-meter-to-cash platform that enables you to be commercially successful with a low cost-to-serve

Digital platform services

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  • Contracting
  • Customer Interaction
  • Billing
  • BI & Analytics
  • Forecasting & Metering
  • Market Interaction
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Payment & Collection
  • Portfolio Management
  • Sourcing & Pricing
Download inni brochure
  • Download inni brochure

    innovative and 100% cloud based, low cost to serve meter-to-cash platform

  • Create 'a product in a day' in the platform and start offering your new products
  • Offer a ‘contract in a minute’ to your customers to ramp-up your sales conversion
  • Profit from guided selling with ‘on the spot’ sales margin insights per customer while contracting
  • Easy to mutate contract and customer parameters without jeopardizing your billing process
Customer Interaction
  • 360° customer cockpit for complete Customer Life Cycle overview to be in control and to create world class customer experiences
  • Create unlimited, flexible relational hierarchical structures between customers, access points, contracts and products improving customer experience
  • Communication centre enabling easy communcation between modules, employees and customers lowering cost to serve and improving customer satisfaction
  • Unlimited scalability of the billing functionality
  • Continuous calculation of the bills improving error handling resulting in lowering your cost to serve
  • Flexible billing configurator to meet your customer billing needs on when to bill, how to bill and whom to bill
BI & Analytics
  • Analytics dashboard service to present every possible customer data to improve insights and customer experience
  • Business Health monitor to visualize business KPI's based on all data handled by the platform
  • Quick implementation of reporting in a highly flexible analytics environment to share actionable data insights
Forecasting & Metering
  • State of the art metering control center for managing and support all metering activities on access point level enhancing operational effectivenes
  • Easy to analyze and handle errors of missing values to improve customer experience and billing process
  • Ensuring the billing process is not interrupted by always providing a best available volume and thus enhance cashflow
Market Interaction
  • Visual overview of all market parties and processes for quick analyses and interventions improving cost efficiency
  • Easy monitoring of all market messages (e.g. switching) going in and out to stay in control and act swiftly
  • Quickly change, add and update API's to communicate with market parties thus lowering IT change costs
Marketing & Sales
  • Easy integration with your CRM system
  • Complete overview of all customer activity with connection to the 360° customer cockpit  for world class customer experience
  • Simple adding and changing KPI's with the integration of PowerBI functionality
Payment & Collection
  • Integrated payment status information in the 360° customer cockpit enhancing control over bad debt
  • Easy integration with 3rd party payment and collections software
  • Automated matching of debit and credit invoices before payment and dunning process starts improving customer experience
Portfolio Management
  • Stay in control with the portfolio manager as single point of entry for all users to create, manage and display portfolio's
  • Easy to manage all structured and differentiated procurement strategies resulting in risk reducing
  • Insights and control over the long term portfolio development with portfolio forecasting improving financial results
Sourcing & Pricing
  • Easy structuring (build up) of prices with the price components configurator improving sales
  • Easy overview with the price publisher of all (market) prices provided to customers in contracts and volume procurement deals
  • User friendly overview of all deals linking with PowerBI for world class analytics and reporting

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