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What is the Powerhouse Energy Platform


The Powerhouse Energy Platform means companies can now buy their own business energy directly from the market, at the most favorable rates available. The Powerhouse Energy Platform is an innovative approach to supplying your business energy needs. It provides you with 24/7 access to key energy trading markets, anywhere, anytime, including through the Powerhouse app. You’re free to buy or sell electricityand gas at fifteen minute intervals, providing hands on control over your business energy


Market access
You benefit from access to the main energy trading markets, where you can buy and sell both gas and electricity. This allows you to directly manage your energy position whenever you want. And because you decide which position you take, you always pay the market price, not the supplier price


The dashboard provides an overview of live prices, and you can take positions in long-term contracts, intra-day contracts or balancing markets. In addition, the Platform provides all management and market information you need. For example, you can see exactly which transactions you’ve concluded and the term position you’ve built up, as well as your energy consumption, unit costs and taxes


The results screen provides an overview of the daily, monthly and quarterly costs and revenues, resulting in greater invoice transparency. The archive provides access to all historical invoices, and you can also access actual measurement data, to quarterly levels. This allows greater monitoring of your energy processes and, where necessary, enables you to make adjustments

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