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Press release: Powerhouse takes over gas portfolio of Gas Natural Europe


As of January the 1st, 2020, Powerhouse, the largest energy-tech company in the Netherlands, will take over the Dutch gas portfolio from Gas Natural Europe. With the agreement concluded today, Powerhouse is strengthening its leading position in the Dutch energy market.

“The acquisition fits our growth ambition and contributes directly to our mission to strengthen and stabilize the network in the Netherlands,” said Bernard Wilmet – CEO of Powerhouse.


Powerhouse brings energy and digitization together in a platform for energy transactions. Users of the platform get control over energy costs and budgets. Customers can also choose to deliver energy to the grid for a fee. With the take-over of the Gas Natural Europe gas portfolio, the Powerhouse energy platform is getting more users. Due to this growth, Powerhouse’s strong position increases to offer flexibility to stabilize the network.


About Powerhouse

Powerhouse was founded in 2005 and has been part of Essent since 2009, which has recently become part of E.ON. Powerhouse is a digital energy company that is active in greenhouse horticulture, the market for large businesses and local sustainable energy producers. With the Powerhouse energy platform, it enables its customers to optimize their energy costs and revenues by purchasing and selling energy in the various trading markets and by deploying decentralized energy production for the balancing services of the national grid operator TenneT. Powerhouse is also a supplier of a digital and cloud-based contract-to-meter-to cash platform called inni™, developed for utility companies.

Powerhouse is based in Amsterdam and has 100 employees.

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